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How To Send Up A Flare On Veritey

Flares are a way to flag for us problems on or with products on Veritey. As Hillary Clinton so famously said, “it takes a village…” And to build a robust community we really believe that making the strongest site relies on all of our members. You may get notice or read about a change of ingredients in a product you’re using that we need to know about. Or perhaps you disagree with our vetting. Or maybe you just don’t think the product works as it should. Any of these could be reasons that you want to send up a flare and let us know there’s a problem and we need to investigate it. Pronto!

In order to get to Send up a flare, you need find the product page you want to submit about and start from there. That way, we’ll know what product you’re commenting on. (Please note that you do have to be a fully signed in member of our community to use this feature. If you need to join you can do so here.)

Because we are a very small team we can’t personally comment on every single flare that gets sent in to us but we take our community very seriously and will consider every flare, even if ultimately we don’t change our position. Please keep an eye on the blog as well as Amy’s Buy, Ban and Bust lists to see our latest suggestions and recommendations.

Your participation helps make Veritey a healthier community for everyone.


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