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Sweet Bee Magic Wand All In One Lip and Face Balm
Why They Love It
Medicine Mama’s original Sweet Bee Magic formula with vitamin packed avocado oil and packaged in a convenient, travel-friendly spot applicator stick. Purse or pocket size. Perfect for on the go use, anytime your skin needs love. Heal and prevent chapped lips & cold sores. Nourish & rejuvenate dry, sensitive facial skin. Spot-apply to immediately relieve bites, burns, shaving rash and inflammation. Glamorize and gloss eyelashes safely and naturally.
Starting at $12.95
Why We Love It
This jumbo sized chapstick does quadruple duty in our bag! I use it as a moisturizer on the go for my hands, face, elbows and dry spots. Sweet Bee Magic Wand can be used as a diaper salve on the fly and as a wonderful lip balm (and my daughter uses lip balm as a general all-over balm and it never irritates her sensitive skin!) Try it as an antidote for bug bites or to soothe burns, bumps, and bruises. No wonder they call it magic!

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Medicine Mama's PROPOLIS & HONEY BLEND, healing and antimicrobial HONEY, rich AVOCADO OIL, moisturizing OLIVE OIL, protective BEESWAX.
Additional Info

Medecine Mama's Apothocary produces artisanal, certified organic body care products. Their simple and pure ingredients are a salve for any skin in need of love.  All products are free of chemicals, dyes and fragrance. 

Everything you need is here...certified organic healing skin creams for everyone. Artisanally handcrafted and made with love in small batches from the finest organic and natural ingredients to nourish soothe and protect even the most sensitive skin. 

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