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I started Veritey because I wanted to know myself what products were truly safe, non-toxic, and healthy for my family.  In a world with 84,000 chemicals, it’s impossible to track which ones are safe and which ones aren’t.  (Well, unless you’re building a database like Veritey is doing!)  Sure, there is a lot of information but that info is all over the place. I should know, I was trying to sort through it all. (I still do!)  It could take me three days to fully vet a sunscreen. When the product was a no-go, I had to start all over again from scratch. Other times, I’d get lost wading through so much scientific talk that I couldn’t  uncover the bottom line – is this product safe or not?!  Other sites were filled with tips and advice but didn’t address exactly what I needed that instant.  I wanted and needed a place to go that would make it easy to apply this concept of healthy, safe, mindful products to my life, as I live it, NOW. 

This journey is what I now call the quest to “health up” your life. To reduce your chemical footprint. To ease your body burden.  To Veritey.

I began Veritey because I wanted to  create a place to share information, resources and pool knowledge.  In an increasingly chemical, exceedingly toxic world where chemicals and ingredients are innocent until proven guilty – even the worst offenders like DDT, Chlorinated Tris, and Lead – where the burden of proof is on us to convince manufacturers to stop using these chemicals.  We need to stand together. I meet people daily who are trying to figure this out on their own and failing because it’s so hard, the task so vast, the resources so many and yet so few.

We can and will help. I am a Mom of 3 children under 4 and  I’m determined to give  them the very best start in life.  The best start includes a chemical-free home so their development isn’t stymied or impaired.  My co-founder Adrienne Peres decided to health-up her life after losing her mom to breast cancer and discovering the powerful link between cancer and chemicals commonly found in our daily lives.

No matter what your reason for wanting to “health-up” the question is always:  how?

There is no right or wrong way to start.  What matters is that you take an active role in buying with your beliefs.  Here are our top 5 ways for getting started using Veritey in your life:

1.     Ask yourself, what products are running low in your home?? Before you replace your toothbrush, mascara, moisturizer, laundry detergent, or soap, check in with us on what we recommend. And give our products a try instead of your usual brands..  

2.     Commit to using Veritey before you go shopping.  Some of these items are hard to find so you can order them online right from our pages. Or make an itemized list for the store on what specific product to buy.  Ask your store to stock the items they don’t have and buy here whatever you couldn’t pick up locally. 

3.     Start with a specific area in your home.  For example devote yourself to healthing-up your cosmetics, body, or cleaning products.  Take a look at the appropriate section on our site and order yourself a nice care package!

4.     Next time you need a gift, come to Veritey. We’ve got lots of ideas. 

5.     Camp out on our community pages. They’re loaded with questions and answers.  See what others are thinking about and how they’re approaching this.  Find what resonates with you and begin there.

6.     Be a part of this movement to change by liking us on facebook, displaying our capidealist badge and tweeting about us!

No matter where you start, just remember every purchase counts.  With every purchase you are literally voting with your dollars.  If we all make thoughtful, mindful, conscious choices when we shop we can shift-share to producers who are pioneering a purer path.  While one purchase doesn’t seem like a lot when you put all of our purchases together it can really add up.  After all, the ocean is made upof teeny-tiny drops of rain.  We can reduce our own toxic footprint and create  a positive effect downstream as well. 

Tap into your inner do-gooder and shop Veritey We know this isn’t always easy. Some of the new products you’ll find perform differently from the old ones. Without certain chemicals they won’t be the same.  And ultimately, that’s a good thing. But we’ll help you find a product that is both safe and effective so if something isn’t working tell us!  Our community can help find a better alternative. 

Together, we really can make the difference.

Like Ghandi so famously has said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” 

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