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What's In Your Water, Really? Featured

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I’ve spent the better part of the last two years trying to rid my home of unwanted toxins. Oftentimes, just when I think I’ve gotten our house in good shape, something catches my eye or a thought pops up (usually at 3 in the morning!) and I realize there’s more work to be done. And I do this, not just to make my home toxin-free (which is certainly a good enough reason!) but also to prove that we can impact our health starting in our own homes.  We can make a difference in the world by buying differently, with more consciousness. And, I want to provide Veritey’s readers, fans, friends and followers with ideas on how everyone can easily reduce their own toxin levels too.  For a long time, I’ve been waiting for a water pitcher to come on the market that would do three things: 1.) perform good, active filtration of my water, 2.) be sturdy, and 3.) be made out of glass, not plastic.  I didn’t dare to dream that this item would actually look good too.  

My wait (and hopefully yours!) is finally over.  Please meet my favorite new product find: the SOMA water filtration system.  SOMA water filters are the first of their kind.  This system designed to be elegant and utilitarian.  Pretty enough to sit on the dinner table yet capable of puling more than it’s weight in water.  (And this does, rather quickly compared to my stodgy old Brita, I might add.)  But what I love most about my SOMA pitcher is that there is NO purified water sitting in a plastic holder picking up whatever chemicals may be leeching from it!  The SOMA has a glass pitcher and uses biodegradable filters made from activated charred coconut shells wrapped in silk and housed in a plant based plastic.  SOMA filters use a catalytic activated carbon filtration system (similar to Brita) that is recommended by experts. 

SOMA is also a subscription-based company, which means you buy your first kit (to buy it be sure to use our code and get $10 off with this link)  and never have to worry about when you are supposed to change your filter. Just change it every 6 weeks when your new one arrives at the door. 

While water toxins usually can’t be seen by the naked eye, perhaps you can smell or taste something.  Go ahead, take a whiff of your tap water and see if you can pick anything out – perhaps l’eau du Chlorine,  from the processing plant? So we conducted a blind taste test with friends and family, and the SOMA water tasted “better” in every single test. 

In all seriousness, water filtration is a crucial part of your regular health. The EWG says there are over 300 contaminants in US drinking water and that a majority of these contaminants don’t even have health or safety recommendations.   Water regulations haven’t been addressed in over a decade so just add that to the list of things we shouldn’t wait for the government to fix.   

Water and environmental toxin expert Dr. Laurel Standby (and advisor to Veritey) writes this:

“The quality of the water we drink reflects its journey by picking up many substances as it passes through streams, aquifers, and the atmosphere.  Many of these substances such as minerals, are beneficial to our health. But water also picks up toxic substances such as arsenic from soils, lead from solder on old water pipes and pesticides and pharmaceuticals that make their way into our waterways. Other chemicals may be added at water treatment plants such as those that control pathogens.”  

 While US drinking water ranks among the best in the world, it still contains contaminants that can pose serious health risk, including an increased risk of cancer or neurological impairment. A good water filter can help eliminate many of these invisible toxins from your water, removing such uninvited guests. 

So whether you’re looking for an unusual hostess gift this winter, want to make sure your table makes the best dressed list this season, or simply want better tasting, cleaner water any day – buy, dress, and drink SOMA.  


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