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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Do Just ONE Thing: Kiss Off!

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Do Just ONE Thing: Kiss Off! Barrow
Do you wear makeup? Do your kids?  If so, the one thing we want you to do this week is conduct a simple check list.  We've discovered that most people don't know that there are heavy metals including -- and especially Lead.  That's right a known carcinogen and potent neurotoxin might be in your lipstick and you wouldn't even know it because it's not on the label.  (The FDA doesn't require the listing of heavy metals on any cosmetics.)  So it can be hard to determine whether or not yours is truly safe.  Without a lab.  And so the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics set out to test lipsticks in a lab.  And you know what they found? That lead is found in two thirds of all lipstick sold in the US.  Lipstick isn't so pretty given that stat, is it?

Now, just because it's not on the label and you don't have a lab at home, you're not alone.  Check for your lipstick brand on the chart here and if it's on it, well then, we suggest you may want to try another.  But we leave that to you.  This week get informed before you pucker up.  

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